View Full Version : Help - Gluing Marble & Granite?

Laura Zaruba
07-28-2005, 5:29 PM
Has anyone tried (with success) to glue or otherwise adhere marble or granite to other materials? I've had a lot of interest and questions on somehow attaching a laser etched marble/granite photo to an existing tombstone. When we did my Mother-in-Laws we had the monument company sandblast an area to inlay the 4" marble tile. They use some kind of epoxy-like glue but it didn't set well and got all gooey around the edges.

I just had a visitor today asking what their options were once a stone is already in place. Typically I direct them to the monument company but I would like to help them out if I can.

Any ideas?


Keith Outten
07-28-2005, 6:33 PM

I recently used a silicone sealant to adhere a full size black marble tile to brick. We used a couple of nails in the mortar joints to hold the tile until the sealant dried. The silicone is still holding well, we can't even pulll it off the brick wall.

Bill Stein
07-28-2005, 7:57 PM

Call these people, they will know what you need and can probably supply it.



Joe Pelonio
07-28-2005, 7:58 PM
What I do is use small pieces of 3M VHB 2-sided foam tape and silicone, the tape holds it in position while the silicone sets up. Even better than silicone is something called E6100 by Eclectic Products, Inc.which is about the only adhesive I've found that works with some plastics like polystyrene.

Rodne Gold
07-29-2005, 1:17 AM
We use Keiths suggestion almost EXCLUSIVELY , the marine silicon stuff (that they use for fish tanks is the bee's knee's for adhering anything to anything , its incredibly strong and sticks to smooth surfaces and has no solvents (but contains acetic acid - vinegar!!) Its also got a bit of give to take into account expansion etc and has excllent strength under tension and shear.
Otherwise a 2 part epoxy will do , but all parts need roughening for it to stick well and it doesnt bond well at all to polished stone. A hot glue gun works too for adhering , but bond strengths arent that great.
Only problem with the Sealant is that it needs a few hours to dry and needs the items to be kept in place. What we often do is use a combo of VHB tape and silicon , the VHB to keep the stuff in place initially and we glop on silicon tween the strips of VHB which then dry and make the bond permanent.

Laura Zaruba
07-29-2005, 9:19 AM
Thanks to all for all your suggestions. I like the idea of using foam tape in addition to the glue to hold it in place, the thought hadn't even crossed my mind before!

Steve Spaulding
08-10-2005, 1:44 PM
Mirror adhesive.

Try and peel a mirror off a wall that has been mounted with this adhesive,,,,,you get much more of the wall then you may want.

Steve in Green Bay