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Walt Langhans
02-10-2015, 11:09 AM
Hey guys!

Does anyone have a source for 1/8" Purple Transparent Cast Acrylic sheets, that's based in the states? The only place I've been able to find it is at ePlastics, but their prices are insane.


Phil Noakes
02-10-2015, 11:21 AM
This is Phil Noakes with Rowmark. We offer a purple translucent 1/8" cast acrylic in our ColorHues line. It is part number CH341-581, Wisteria.

I am not sure this post is legal since I represent a supplier and it may get removed.. I will send you a private message too.

Gary Hair
02-10-2015, 11:51 AM
Check delvies - they may have what you need.

Tony Lenkic
02-10-2015, 2:39 PM

Check ---------- "INVENTABLES.com"

Roy Nielsen
02-11-2015, 9:32 PM

Check ---------- "INVENTABLES.com"

I bought a sheet a couple weeks ago from Inventables.com. It is a real nice purple.

Walt Langhans
02-13-2015, 5:49 PM
Thanks guys!