View Full Version : RV Just Saved Dinner

Richard Gillespie
07-27-2005, 8:35 PM
Saw that a storm was fast approaching and advised the wife to get dinner in the oven. Wasn't fast enough and lost power 15 min.s before it was to be finished.

Went out and opened up the RV and started the propane oven and finished cooking dinner out there. The RV was hotter than a firecracker when I first opened it up, but cooled down rather quickly. Finished cooking the meal while the rain was pouring down and had a hot meal in the house with it being dead quiet. Our housed started to heat up but power was restored within 2 hours.

Our RV is only a truck camper but it is fully equipped including a generator and A/C if we needed to stay the night out there. Thank god we had it tonight.

Matt Meiser
07-27-2005, 9:12 PM
During the "Big Blackout" a couple summers ago we slept in our popup running the AC and lights off our portable generator the second night. We have a smaller AC unit, so we could still keep the fridge, freezer, going, even with the AC. My wife spent the first night in the hot house. I was out of town and we had power at my hotel :) We also use ours as a guest room in the summer if the guests want a little more privacy.

Fred Voorhees
07-28-2005, 9:40 PM
The "Big Job" for next summer is possibly to renovate our main bathroom. Our camper will come into play. While the main bath will be "down" we can brush our teeth in the kitchen sink, do the other - um- "duties" in the half bath downstairs and take showers in the camper.