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Tim Vowels
02-08-2015, 7:36 PM
I have Vcarve pro and Cut3D. I was thinking of upgrading to Aspire? Does it give you options that would make it worth the 1400$ or should I chose a different software? Any input is welcome..
Thank you, Tim

Peter Swann
02-10-2015, 7:24 PM
Aspire strikes me as very much a hobbyist product, with very limited 3D design capabilities. For about the same money, Rhino/RhinoCAM is far better. Much steeper learning curve, but that's because it can do much more.

Keith Outten
02-10-2015, 8:43 PM
I disagree with Peter. I have found Aspire to be a comprehensive product that serves a particular market share very well. I started using VCarve Pro several years ago and moved to Aspire not long after it launched. The reason I invested in the upgrade was due to the ease of use common to all Vectric products and the features list. I did try some of the other higher priced programs and found them to be very powerful but way to steep a learning curve for me.

The folks at Vectric have done a great job of improving their line of software products every year and they have often provided upgrades that added substantial new features for free. The cost to upgrade Aspire is also very reasonable considering its value to almost any business. IMO VCarve Pro and Aspire are reasonably priced for the features and ease of use they provide.

Peter Swann
02-10-2015, 11:57 PM
I agree in part with Keith. Vectric products are easy to use - they do a great job of making their products intuitive. And they do serve a particular market very well.

The problem is, I'm not in that market. When I design, I want total artistic flexibility and precision. As a 3D modeling environment, Aspire just ain't where I need it to be. No serious commercial designer would choose Aspire as the tool of choice, though it is a more intuitive toolpathing environment than Rhinocam.

The aesthetic of Aspire also bothers me. Their clip art is just plain ugly - it looks like stuff you'd find for sale at a gas station store in the desert. There's no question that the Rhino approach is harder to learn. If you make a living grinding out wooden signs, picture frames and relief carvings of fish, Aspire is probably the way to go. I'm sure it can handle cabinet components with ease. But if you want to create original art with unlimited flexibility, I think Rhino wins hands down. It's just a different market - nothing wrong with either, just different.

Ted Reischl
05-17-2015, 12:44 PM
No serious commercial designer would choose Aspire as the tool of choice,. . . ..

Ahhh, I finally found someone who has decided to define what a "serious" commercial designer must use, or else that person could not possibly be "serious".

Well, I have some really narrow parts to go cut. . . I am now in the proper frame of mind.

Biff Phillips
03-03-2016, 3:49 PM
Aspire is not true 3D. It is 2.5D. It's a nice product, I'm sure you'd enjoy using it though.
Is it worth the money? Only you can answer that.
Download the demo for Aspire. I think it lets you do everything except save a file and generate toolpathes.
Deskproto is another nice piece of software, although it only generates toolpaths. You need another software for drawing. Worth doing the free trial on Deskproto to see if you like it.
The combo of Deskproto + a free drawing program + Vcarve would be pretty powerful and cheaper than the Aspire.
Some things Aspire does better, some things Deskproto does better.
Also, check out AutoDesk Fusion 360. It's free to hobbyists and small businesses. I have not played with it yet, but it gets favorable reviews.

Edit, sorry, I didn't realize this thread was a year old.. I thought it was Feb of this year.