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Mario Cappellano
02-08-2015, 5:08 AM
This is my Single Blade Box Joint jig of my own design. It means I can easily make proper box joints without the need for a dado / stacked blade set which saves me a lot of cash.

It works by clamping your work pieces to a sliding fence which follows a template via a key. You make your cut, slide the fence over and make another cut. The key limits the range of movement based on the cutting layout you have set up. You can cut all 4 sides of a box at once.

306380 306381
It only took an hour or so build this one, this is the second version, and the results are great.
The photos above show a joint in pine straight off the jig, then glued and sanded.

306382 306383
These drawer photos show two different box joint layouts, it takes literally two seconds to change your layout around. You can also easily cut different thicknesses of fingers at the one time for a different look.

Iíve made a video of the build and you can also download the plans from my site thewoodfather.com by clicking here. (http://bit.ly/1BTWneI)


Let me know what you think, I've already had around 10 woodworkers build their own and send me photos of the results, seems like it's helping a lot of folks out.


Halgeir Wold
02-08-2015, 5:28 AM
Neat! Just plain neat!! As dado blades are more or less nonexistent on this side of the big pond, this is quite handy....

Mario Cappellano
02-09-2015, 6:41 PM
Cheers Halgier, dado stacks are pretty hard to come by down under as well so it's worked a treat for me.