View Full Version : Photo engraving help

matei neamtu
02-05-2015, 8:22 PM
Hello everyone, I'm new in laser machines world and I need some suitable opinions about photo prepare for engraving.
I following this steps:
1.New Document in CorelDraw (15x20cm, 300dpi)
2.Import photo(in my case *.jpg, details: 800x533 pixels, 240dpi)
3.Resample photo : 15x20cm, still keep 240dpi
4.Transform to Grayscale(8-bit)
5.Adjust Contrast Enhancement(attach image with settings)
6.Add Unsharp Mask effect(attach image with settings)
7.Transform to Black and White(1-bit), conversion method: Floyd-Steinberg, intensity at 100%
8.Export as BMP-windows bitmap, size 15x20cm, 300dpi, color mode: black and white

Now i go to Lasercut5.3, import *.bmp, invert colors(i want engrave glass with black backside),i check the size and is still 15x20cm(good :D).
Set the speed at 500mm/s and power at 20% (60W). and Start.
I attach original image, image with engraved glass, and some settings from Corel.
What should I change to get better engrave ?

Dan Hintz
02-06-2015, 8:47 AM
The hair sharpening looks good, but it's too strong around the arms. I would darken the photo overall as you're losing some contrast between the dark and light areas.