View Full Version : Selling tools at auction

Moses Yoder
01-25-2015, 1:43 PM
I had a couple tools that didn't sell on Craigslist and so I stopped by a local auction house to see if they could sell them for me. They pick up stuff to sell, so I asked what the rates were to pick up stuff. $65 per hour for 2 guys with a truck and trailer. I asked what their commission was. 35% for anything under $2000. I have heard people say that ebay is charging too much so I post this as evidence to the contrary. I took the tools off of Craigslist and posted them as local pick up only on ebay and accepted an offer for one of them just now and have a guy interested in the other one, and it is only going to cost me 10% (I think) and the buyer has to pick them up, plus they are definitely selling for a lot more than they would at the local auction.

Brian Elfert
01-25-2015, 3:38 PM
For specialized items Ebay has a much wider audience, but usually only if you are willing to ship the item. Good for you that you found someone on Ebay willing to do a local pickup.

The only benefit I see to an auction is it is usually sells if you don't put a reserve on it.

Myk Rian
01-25-2015, 7:14 PM
List them on CL again, and lower the price a bit. Anything is better than Ebay or an auction.

Steve Rozmiarek
01-25-2015, 9:51 PM
35% is ridiculous. The going rate here for a fairly good size consignment is 6%. Lots of competition though.

Wade Lippman
01-25-2015, 10:56 PM
List them on CL again, and lower the price a bit. Anything is better than Ebay or an auction.
On shippable items I get at least 50% more on ebay than CL, a times I have gotten 1000% more. Shipping is a hassle, but sometimes well worth it. Maybe if you are in a major city it is different.

I don't know what they charge for auctions around here. All they sell is junk so I don't go to them (except for a rare tool auction) and wouldn't consider trying to sell there.

David G Baker
01-26-2015, 4:40 PM
I check out several areas on our local area Craigs List and there are items on there that have been listed for the same price for over two years and haven't sold. Craigs List has had some serious risks for buyers. There is a couple that went to check out buying a car and went missing. The seller is in custody but as of my last checking it out the couple are still missing. I don't like the Ebay charges but I will still buy, list and ship on Ebay rather than knocking on doors.