View Full Version : General Metalworking Need help with cast iron hand wheel machining - table saw handwheel

Brian D Smith
01-20-2015, 11:28 AM
Hello All,

well I stripped the plastic height handwheel on my older ridged 24241 table saw and when I took the handwheels off to measure my 2 year old was playing with the hex bushing and now that is lost for the tilt wheel.

regardless I was planning to replace them with cast iron wheels so here is my question.

if I supply the handwheels is there anyone on here willing to do two things for me to each wheel?

background. the stock wheel have a hex shape in the rear of the hub that a bushing slips into that is hex shaped on the outside and "D" shaped on the inside to fit over the end of the shafts (that are "D" shaped themselves).

the shaft measures right around .5" (my micrometer said .507") and the part the wheels fits onto is .6" long/deep.

the wheels I can buy are center bored at .3" which is fine because the stock wheels are as well to accept a screw that threads into the end of the shaft and hold the wheel on.

my plan is to do away with the bushing and just use an m6 set screw and locktite to hold the round bored wheel onto the "D" shaped shaft.

so would someone by able to do the following for me, pretty simple but I lack metal tools.

1. bore a flat bottomed hole centered in the rear of hub to accept the .5" shaft, the hole would be .6" deep then bottom out and continue at .3" the rest of the way through the hub
2. drill and tap for an m6 set screw in the side of the hub centered on the depth of the .6" deep hole referenced in #1.

I'm located in Central Pa, Harrisburg area if someone is close by and willing to help out?!