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Malcolm Schweizer
12-30-2014, 4:24 PM
Good day all:

I want to build a T-Track table, and I was all prepared to order the Rockler T-Track top, but they don't offer free shipping to my area, and really I was already stretching the budget with the free shipping.

So- I want to make my own, but Rockler wants $25 for a 48" section. I have found lots of cheaper stuff, but only the kind that takes either the 1/4" bolts, OR the kind that takes T-slots only. I like that Rockler's T-Track takes both kinds of bolts. Do any of you know of any other suppliers that sell the kind of T-Track that accepts both 1/4" hex and T-bolts? I'm looking at the ones Veritas sells, but it is confusing- it looks like the same profile, but it isn't clear if they take 1/4" hex. Am I reading correctly that they do take 1/4" hex IF you use a washer?

One more question: Have any of you mitered T-track instead of buying the ready-made joints? It looks like the ready-made kind have a bit of a rounded edge at the joint. Seems that would make things slide smoothly around the corners. I could round the corners if I mitered them, but then they wouldn't be anodized.

Is anything ever simple? :-)

Malcolm Schweizer
12-31-2014, 4:35 PM
Update: I just got 11 of the Rockler 48" t track for $15 each on eBay. I am going to build the most awesome clamping table ever. Stay tuned. I had to ship it to my parents in the states and won't be there until March to get them. Other projects need finishing anyway.

I also found three 48" kits with all the knobs and bolts for a good price so I now have 14... Ack!!!

John McClanahan
12-31-2014, 9:54 PM
Glad to hear you found some. Keep us posted on the build.


Malcolm Schweizer
01-01-2015, 9:26 AM
Thanks. I will do a separate build post. Expect it to be late March. I have a small shop, so I am building two multi-purpose carts. The carts will bolt together to make one 48"x48" surface, or come apart as two 24"x48". There is a recess in the middle and the tops slide out on miter tracks and you can put a chop saw, planer, router top, etc. in the recess. You can slide all tops out and run a track saw over the opening to cut sheet plywood. A sacrificial strip can drop into the opening to prevent tear-out. The top will be four 24"x24" panels with t-track galore. Panels can swap out for a router top, downdraft table, plain surface- whatever you like. In the recess is an adjustable height table so you can put machines at table level. That table comes out and mounts (t-track again) in between the two carts to make one huge long table with adjustable shelf between the two for the planer. 48" Infeed and outfeed tables!

Here is a very crude image drawn on the iPad with my finger. Front view of one cart, and top view of two carts together. The blue is the t-track. The table tops will slide on sliding miter track and lock with locking miter sliders built in to the cabinet under the top. Hard to explain. Wait and see!


Malcolm Schweizer
01-02-2015, 3:31 PM
Another update: Rockler has the 48" T-Track WITH the knob accessory kit for just $20 and free shipping 'til Monday to the states. That's $5 cheaper than the track itself, AND you get 8 knobs and various t-bolts. Sweet deal for a person looking to get started.

Malcolm Schweizer
01-05-2015, 3:52 AM
Okay, here is a Google Sketchup of what I intend to build. I will make two of these so that I can put them together and have a 4'x4' table, but take them apart to move around when floor space is needed. Also they can mate end to end with an accessory shelf in-between and become one great big miter saw or planer stand. Also the top is made of two 24" panels that slide side to side. There is a center support for the panels that is height adjustable. When you slide the panels out, that center support becomes a shelf where you can also put a chop saw or other tool. Additionally, you can put a router table top on in place of the panels and the gap in the middle is where the router goes.

The sketchup is crude. I somehow made the tops beveled on one side! Also I had trouble with push/pull on the storage compartments, but you get the idea. This is really a rough sketch, so it doesn't have to be perfect.

Malcolm Schweizer
01-09-2015, 11:16 PM
Another update- got a refund from the guy that sold me the 11 t-track with some lame excuse that they were "sold in his old system already." ???? So I went to Rockler and bought more at the $19 price that come with the set of 10 knobs and various t bolts. Their eBay store still had free shipping so it was a better deal anyway. So in the end I will have some 100 knobs for jigs. I will put a few on the classifieds and use the proceeds to get the quick release kind.

Edward Oleen
01-20-2015, 7:57 PM


Seriously, it sound very interesting. I don't get exactly what you mean, but I understand enough that I want to see a whloe lot more...

Malcolm Schweizer
03-06-2015, 9:04 AM
So I finally made it to the states for a visit and will bring my T Track back with me. First off, I can't believe Rockler sent each one individually. Second, I suddenly realize that I did not tell my wife about this little purchase.

Will post a build of this thing when I get back and get started.


Al Launier
03-06-2015, 9:15 AM
Good for you. Watching with interest. Looks like the tubular packaging might come in handy as well!

Hilton Ralphs
05-20-2015, 7:45 AM
Any progress with your build Malcolm?