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Keith Outten
12-21-2014, 10:44 AM
For some reason I was thinking about Ken Salisbury this morning remembering some of our many conversations about The Creek and the Freedom Pens Project. Those of you who never met Ken he was our very first Moderator here and sadly we lost him a few years ago to cancer.

One of the things I enjoy here, possibly more than any other feature, is the ability to go back in time and read posts from our archives. So this morning I took a little trip back in time and read some of Ken's old posts because I know that Ken enjoyed the Christmas season as much as anyone I have ever met. I wish I had saved one of Ken's Christmas Cronies pictures, he linked the pics from his web site so they don't exist in our archives :(

I have attached a picture of a coffee cup I made for Ken that Aaron Koehl created for the Freedom Pens Project. Aaron used a scan from a newspaper in Alabama capturing Ken's face for our custom "Uncle Ken Needs You" poster he made for the Freedom Pens Project. IMO Ken made a better Uncle Sam than the original :)

In the spirit of the season I wish everyone here a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and once again I promise that the contributions shared here by those who have passed on will always be in our archives for all to continue to enjoy.

Merry Christmas you Old Rebel.......

Lee Schierer
12-21-2014, 6:11 PM
Ken was certainly a asset that we all miss.

Merry Christmas to one and all.

Ken Fitzgerald
12-21-2014, 6:46 PM
He was a pretty savvy guy! I talked with him a time or two. He's missed!

Merry Christmas everybody!

Rick Potter
12-22-2014, 2:38 AM
I still remember him also.

Jim Becker
12-22-2014, 10:05 AM
Contributions from folks like Ken are what made this community strong from the beginning. Definitely missed and yes, not forgotten!

Dave Anderson NH
12-22-2014, 10:47 AM
I remember making a trip to Gadsen Alabama on business a few years ago. I made arrangements to drive up to Huntsville to visit Ken after the days business was done. We talked and visited almost half of the night and it was really hard to leave to make the 2 hour drive back to my hotel in Gadsen. My butt was dragging the next morning getting up with 3 hours sleep and getting to the airport in Birmingham for my flight home. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and yes, I still miss him.

Jerry Olexa
12-23-2014, 2:40 PM
He was a major, valued contributor....Merry Christmas to all!