View Full Version : SKIL router table needed legs

steven c newman
12-20-2014, 5:51 PM
Had a garage sale find, well, two of them. A metal router table like Norm Abram USED to use, and a Black & Decker all metal 1/4" router.
Took a bit of fiddling to get these two together. Problem? Well it is sitting on one of my tool chests. Makes it hard to get tools out. Had some left-overs sitting around in the shop
some 1/2" plywood, from adding a sheet under my bed's mattress.
Couple of 3x3 square posts from a metal loft bed
An end panel from the same loft bed
Box of 1-5/8" drywall screws

Cut the 12" (more less) plywood strip into 4" wide strips
Added one strip to the legs
Visegrips to hold things still, start the screw through the plywood, then full speed ahead til the screw bites through the thin metal. Repeat until the four 27-1/2" legs are now into two side assemblies
Cut the end panel down a bit, to make a "top" Clamp one side assembly to it
Again, visegrips and clamps to hold things in place. Screws through just the plywood. These coarse threaded screws seem to go right through the thin metal. No connections to the legs. Added the other side( front and back ?) and then added a strip to each end with plywood
Square one side, drive three screws, square the other side and add three more. Repeat for the other end, and stand this stand onto it's own four feet
Then add two more plywood strips front to back, and add that router table thingy
This leaves the rest of the "top" like an open grid, to allow chips and other stuff to fall onto the floor. Then "park" this stand away from my tool chests, until I need a "Routah" for project.

Table height seems to be about right for this. There is still a strip of plywood in the shop, might have to see what I can cobble out of it.....
BTW: Metal router table was $20 at the garage sale, and the router was ...$3 rest of the stuff was just left overs.:D

steven c newman
12-25-2014, 1:00 PM
It was just a way to get a stand for the router table to sit on, at a height that was comfy for me. I can also remove the table from this stand, and add a benchtop bandsaw in it's place. As soon as I can get the bandsaw fixed and running again. I do have a scrollsaw I can place on it as well. Still might add a shelf under the top.....