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Mark J Bachler
07-19-2005, 7:57 AM
A friend of mine has developed a way to make half round concrete blocks. He's an amazing guy named Bob Rhomportle. He built his own molds & a special cement mixer. The blocks have an air space in side to inject poly foam and run electrical after the walls are up. He adds the log bark texture to the blocks with a special trowel and will paint the walls so itís very hard to tell that they are not real. He used steel beams in the roof. There is so much to this place Iíll just post a few pics here now and keep this thread updated.

Richard Wolf
07-19-2005, 7:59 AM
Very interesting. Keep posting.


Mike Mastin
07-19-2005, 8:43 AM
I would imagine that these are pricey items though given the fact that they are not mass produced, at least right now. Very cool idea and beautiful too.

Frank Pellow
07-19-2005, 9:57 AM
I love the concept, and I think that I like the implementation of the concept.

Do you know what the approximate cost of building such a home is?

Is there a web site that I can look at for more information?

Mark Singer
07-19-2005, 11:11 AM
I am working on a secret formula to make wood look like concrete....you can even grow a concrete tree.....watch out mother nature :rolleyes:

Steve Ash
07-19-2005, 1:42 PM
[QUOTE=Mark Singer]you can even grow a concrete tree...../QUOTE]
Do you have a formula to make a money tree? Kids always seemed to think there was one in the backyard. :)

Chris Padilla
07-19-2005, 1:58 PM

Very cool stuff...we should see your friend pop up on one of those shows on TV where they exhibit such things!

Norman Hitt
07-19-2005, 6:19 PM
Pretty neat Idea, AND execution. With a Properly Prepared Foundation, that should be a lot more Stable than a Real Log home, and would probably Remedy a lot of the Inherent Problems that come with a Real Log home, ie; settling, checking, rotting, shrinking, etc.

Bob Weisner
07-19-2005, 6:31 PM

There is a log home company that is making concrete log homes. They have a website. Is it permitted to post a link to the company's website?

Don Baer
07-19-2005, 6:36 PM
At least this is one house that they won't need to worry about termites or dry rot.


Frank Pellow
07-19-2005, 6:42 PM

There is a log home company that is making concrete log homes. They have a website. Is it permitted to post a link to the company's website?Yes it is permitted.

Bob Weisner
07-19-2005, 6:48 PM
Here is the link.


Jerry Clark
07-19-2005, 8:27 PM
Wow, next they will make turning blanks already formed so you don't need a lathe or to even turn them:rolleyes: OH, they already have that I guess!:D

Jack Wood
07-20-2005, 12:55 AM
If I lived in a fire prone area out west and wanted to have that rustic look but fire protection too, this seems like an ideal solution. For that matter if I were building a new home again here in the deep south with our tornado problem this also looks like a great idea!:rolleyes: Those logs looked real on the link page and the posted pics looked good also in an artistic way.

Bill Arnold
07-20-2005, 10:29 AM
Out of curiousity, I requested the following information from the posted link:

1. Do the houses meet hurricane requirements for Florida?

2. What is the approximate cost of a 2,000 square foot, single story house?

3. Does the cost include all interior walls?

I'll let you know how they respond.