View Full Version : Most Ridiculous Gifts This Year

David Weaver
12-12-2014, 8:06 AM
I always look around close to Christmas to see what oddball stuff is being peddled, as well as what items are asked for that make no price sense (as in the hot ticket items). I've noticed two so far this year (the rite aid clearance bin is a good place to look for stuff that never sold).

Odd - singing lady gaga toothbrush. I didn't pick it up while I was in line, but maybe it sings two songs to keep kids brushing teeth longer? Apparently, nobody has bought it.

Expensive and makes no sense to me - Beats headphones. Are these headwear that's equivalent to $300 sneakers? (as in they don't prove anything other than that you could waste money?). i never thought anything of the headphones until I saw a commercial recently that just flipped up "$199 and $299 for wireless" (!!!!!!!!!!!!). I figured they might be made in the states at that price, but comment sections in amazon say china. The earbuds get terrible reviews!! (I'm not asking for any of them for Christmas, my audiophile days ended when I had kids and found out how little I could get for all of the stuff I'd bought earlier in life)

I'm especially interested in the weird, more so than the overpriced.