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Kyle Kraft
12-06-2014, 9:08 AM
Tried googling it but all I got were explanations of military time. So here's the scenario. I'm replacing a bad quartz movement in an analog outdoor clock with long hands and I found a high torque movement at Klockit. You have a choice of a 12 hour or 24 hour movement (neither have sweep second hands) and I couldn't find anything on their website that explains the difference. I could understand having a choice if it was a digital clock.

So what is the difference between a 12 hour and a 24 hour analog quartz clock movement?

Bill Huber
12-06-2014, 9:33 AM
12 hours...... I had to do it..

A true 24 hour clock as all 24 hours on it (see image) and it will run slower then a 12 hour clock.
There are some that have the 12 hours on them and then the 24 hour numbers on the inside, those you have to kind of know what time of day it is.


Kyle Kraft
12-06-2014, 11:09 AM
You're a regular Bob Hope. After I posted my question I kept thinking about it and it dawned on me that if the face of the clock was broken up into 24 divisions, then a movement whose hour hand made one revolution in 24 hours would work. In my almost 50 years, I've never seen a clock like the one in your picture!

I'll go with the 12 hour model.

Wouldn't you think that the FAQ's on Klockits site would have addressed such a situation??

Bill Huber
12-06-2014, 11:24 AM
I worked for Fedex for 30 years and we had 24 hour clocks everywhere.

If you notice on the face of the clock in the picture is has Zulu Time on the face, that is the same as Greenwich Mean Time and that is what we used at Fedex a lot.