View Full Version : General Metalworking Cyber Monday Got Me

Ted Calver
12-02-2014, 2:27 PM
I got suckered in to expanding my metal cutting tools. Amazon/Dewalt has a $25 off a $ hundred or more promotion going and I used it on a DEWALT DWM120K 10 Amp 5-Inch Deep Cut Portable Band Saw Kit

Also, I've been eying one of these SWAG Portaband tables for a while, and 15% off was too much to resist:

Keith Outten
12-02-2014, 9:02 PM

you will find the portable band saw really handy. I have an old Rockwell and its pretty heavy to hold in your hands for long periods of time. There is a Portaband fixture for the Ridgid pipe vises that allows you to use the saw in cutoff mode, you can find these used every now and then and they are a real jewel.

Ted Calver
12-02-2014, 9:55 PM
Thanks for the tip Keith. I'll keep an eye out for one of those fixtures and a pipe vise too.