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Don Stanley
07-16-2005, 7:18 PM
I would be interested to know if anyone else has problems with noisy windshield wipers. We have a 2003 Ford F-150, and have had this problem since it was new. I have replaced the wiper blades several times, with different brand blades of various quality. And the windshield has been replace too, courtesy of a flying rock from one of those tandem rock haulers. If it's not the left wiper, it's the right wiper; chatter, squeak, you name it.

I picked up some RainX windshield treatment today, to see if this will quiet them down. Any comments or suggestion will be appreciated.


Michael Gibbons
07-16-2005, 7:56 PM
Don, the spring on the wiper( the part that applies pressure to the window on the arm) may be the culprit. You may check that and replace the spring or the whole arm. (too much or too little pressure). Then check the pivot points on the wiper motor assembly. A squirt of teflon or such on the shaft may lessen the squeek.


Jim Becker
07-16-2005, 8:43 PM
I did until I replaced them with the PIAA silicone wiper blades (http://www.performanceproducts.com/ProductPage.aspx?pid=104672&name=PIAA+Silicone+Wiper+Blades&type=10). They have been going strong for two years now with narry a sound. They are a little more expensive than the "common replacements", but I'm satisfied with them so much that I consider them a bargan. Dr. SWMBO just put them on her Prius, too...and it made for nice silence again.

If you didn't put on the RainEx yet...don't, unless you are happy with re-applying it relatively frequently. It wears off and leaves streaks and unpleasant effects on the glass. IMHO, of course.

Don Stanley
07-16-2005, 10:04 PM
Mike, Jim, thanks for the quick response. I just finished waxing the truck and ran upstairs to see if there was any replies to my post.

Mike - I have not replaced the wiper arm assemblies. Thanks for the troubleshooting suggestions.

Jim - thanks for the link on the PIAA silicone wiper blades. I tried RainX years ago, and remember not liking it for some long forgotten reason. I will try a pair of silicone blade first.


Nick Adams
07-17-2005, 3:22 AM
Most likely the spring in the wiper arm. I have owned 4 ford truck 1/2 ton all the way up to a 550 and from 93 to 01 and all of them wore out within a few months to a few years. Awful noise at 65-75mph.

On the rain-x. I to HATE the rain x when applied. However, with a new windshield try out the rain x windshield washer fluid. It works great, provides the same effects as the bottle of stuff. I pick it up for around 1.19 at walmart per gallon. Winter rated to boot. On trucks however because of the angle of the windshield Rain x typically doesnt help much. Watter doesnt sheet well off a nearlly 75 deg angle.

Don Stanley
07-17-2005, 1:21 PM
Most likely the spring in the wiper arm.

Nick - is the spring a replaceable part, or do you simply replaced the entire arm assembly? Mike had the same comments about the spring. I need to do this first! Thanks for the reply.


Norman Hitt
07-17-2005, 5:04 PM
On trucks however because of the angle of the windshield Rain x typically doesnt help much. Watter doesnt sheet well off a nearlly 75 deg angle.

You're sure Right about not working on Big Trucks. :mad: After fighting rain and poor visibility for two days on one trip from the west coast to the east coast, I tried some Rain X on a Freightliner, but had to stop within 5 miles and clean it all off, because it made the visibility so much Worse, that I could hardly see at all. :( (It's a Real PITA to get all cleaned off Too). :mad: Never made "That Mistake" again. ;)

Don Stanley
07-17-2005, 8:27 PM
When I returned the un-opened RainX to our local Wal*Mart today, I was surprised when I noticed the price on the receipt was $5.40. I was certain the posted price was less than $3; I would never pay that much for RainX! I got my money and went back to the Automotive Department to check. Sure enough, the shelf price was $2.94. I notified the manager about the discrepancy.