View Full Version : Tool Chest #2: from an old bed frame?

steven c newman
11-19-2014, 2:40 PM
Yep. Picked an old bed frame up. was a bit broken down. They were using a waterbed's base as the bed's mattress supports. Tore all the stuff down into a few parts I could use. White oak for the frames to make frame and panel sides. The Pine mattress supporters were cut and glued into raised panels. And the three board Pine floor. Tried to make the chest without buying any other wood. Still, I did need a few small pieces on a couple of items. Wasn't quite enough Pine, but i did have some old Barn wood in the shop. I also used some of the Barn wood to make a few trays. A few looks at this Chest
Sitting behind my workbench. That darker stretch of wood is a piece of Barn wood fir. Lid is a frame and panel, about 33" by 16" or so. Lift the lid
Ah, a saw till in the lid. Keepers were scrollsawn to shape. Have the inside kind of divided up. A small tote on the left side, and smaller trays on the right
Those knobs are my longer chisels, and a LONG screwdriver. There is a slot just to the front, and you can reach down and pick out a bit for the four handbraces in the chest. BTW, the red box is a Millers Falls #1455 low angle block plane. Now, about the right side
Towards the front, there is a hook to hang the coping saws on. Below them, is a corral for the hand braces. There is a wall seperating them from the rest of the floor. That is where the handplanes reside. Well, most of them. The two sliders, thsi is the lower one, and can hold two of the smaller bench planes, the other slider
Holds a #78 plane, an oil stone, pencils and about anything else small enough to fit in there.

Finish is just a BLO/Varnish mix, with a tad bit of walnut stain added. Finished the outside only. Raised panels was done with just handplanes. A #4 sized plane, and a #5 sized plane. That #1455 then smoothed out the edges. There is a rebate on the inside of each panel, the #78 made those. Frames were Tongue & groove, with a deeper mortise chopped to hold the tenons. Corners were screwed together, then the screw holes plugged with walnut plugs. Had a plug cutter for the drill press to make the plugs out of a piece of scrap walnut. Went out and BOUGHT a pair of hinges. :eek:

Note, there is no chain to hold the lid when it is opened, there is a wood stop across the back edge of the chest. Dust seal around the edge of the lid was a fancy molding that was on the bed frame. Mitered around on the front and sides, only. The wood stop was made from the same molding. As for the pile of "supplies"
Them raised panels were junk. Mainly veneered plywood that fell apart. Made new panels out of these
Decent looking, FREE pine 1xs. Four of them. Price of this little chest? I THINK I might have spent .....$15 total.:eek::D

Mike Wilkins
11-19-2014, 4:20 PM
Good looking chest. I too have repurposed some wood from former furniture items, and really enjoyed the free lumber. I really enjoyed not having to dig into the wallet for some project wood. Thanks for posting this.

11-27-2014, 8:17 PM
Thanks for posing your tool chest. Repurposed wood is cool.

Mel Fulks
11-27-2014, 9:15 PM
Nice job,you have what they call "vision". I don't think I would have seen it.

Chris Hachet
12-01-2014, 1:50 PM
Fantastic work, I am rather jealous!

Chris Hachet
01-01-2015, 3:40 PM
Looking at this again, nice work!

steven c newman
01-01-2015, 4:14 PM
Bring a camera along this weekend...

Chris Hachet
01-07-2015, 8:29 AM
Bring a camera along this weekend...

Oh, I did....methinks we might be joining forces and working together in the not so distant future.


Joe A Faulkner
02-28-2015, 6:49 PM
I love it. I have a bit of curb alert lumber in my shop - an old headboard and pieces and parts from a wood table. Nice repurposing\recycling.