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Paul Geer
05-28-2003, 1:17 PM
We just bought a tri-level were the kitchen and living room are on the ground level, that part of the house sits on a slab. The kitchen about 60 some feet from the water heater, and both hot and cold water lines (1/2" copper) are under the slab. The problem is it takes all of five min. to get hot water to the kitchen sink. The house was built in 1966, it's hard to believe people who lived in the house put up with that all those years. It was recomended to install a two gal electric water heater on to hot water line under the sink to resolve to problem. I was thinking about a electric continuous water heater to do the job, would this work?

We ARE planing to add a dish washer.

Jim Becker
05-28-2003, 1:53 PM
For your particular application, an electric "insantanious"/tankless unit would be quite appropriate and will easily fit under your sink. My parents have the same issue with their kitchen in Florida--strangly enough, the runs from the HWH in the garage run to the master bath, then cross the entire house to the guest bath and then travel BACK to the kitchen in the middle. Go figure. They solved the problem with the booster in the kitchen as the lines could not be rerouted for the same reasons you have the problem...they are in the cement.

Ted Shrader
05-28-2003, 2:48 PM
Paul -

An on demand water electric heater would indeed serve you well. Would also be perfect with the dishwasher installed since the water would be hot going in the dishwasher. It wouldn't have to heat it up as much.


Robert Goodwin
05-28-2003, 2:58 PM
I recently saw one of those used on TOH. They may have some info on the site. I only have about a 30 second wait for hot water, but that just seems too long, and a wast of water for that matter. I have that on my list of things to do. Too bad its 6,439th on the list........


Ken Garlock
05-28-2003, 3:51 PM
Paul, when we built last year, I had a 36KW tankless unit installed to service the bedroom bathes. It works quite well. When you turn on the hot water faucet, you can hear the contactor relays close and a few sends later you have 125 deg. water. the entire unit is about 16x16x8 inches with 3 50 amp 220 circuits, yes three.

I bought mine over the internet from a company in Florida: http://www.hotwaterheater.com/ They do have the specific use units for kitchen sinks, dishwasher, laundry, etc.

Just a happy customer....

Paul Kunkel
05-28-2003, 4:30 PM
AquaLine instant hot water system for 1/2" pipe..$212. I have it in my Barnett catalogue..I lookes to be a circulator type system. Their website is www.e-barnett.com Never used it but it cought my eye. Their phone is 800-288-2000
Mfg #ALP-T50T
Barnett #1480200

Paul Geer
05-29-2003, 9:27 AM
Thanks guys for the replies, I'm going to look in to the instant/tankless water heater link and see if there any reason why I cant'n put it on the hot water line, otherwise cap off that line and just use the cold water side only.

I thought about a circulator pump first but than I would be heating that space under the slab and wasting hot water, with a "on demand" heater, it would be operating only when we need hot water, that I like. :)