View Full Version : Boxwood shippng saga

Tom M King
10-22-2014, 9:40 PM
A member here had asked me to ship him a piece of Boxwood for his collection. I was working away from home, and it wasn't convenient for me to ship anything, so I asked my Wife to drop it by the PO.

That day, a criminal just out of jail stole a car in the town she went to. The local police thought this must be a great excuse for a high speed chase, and as she was going one way on a four lane main highway through town, five police cars were chasing the stolen car at high speed. She saw it coming from a ways off, and turned right at the stoplight she was coming up on. The idiot criminal also decided to make that turn, but was going too fast, and he hit my Wife's car, spinning it around. The car being chased continued on, and one of the cop cars stopped and called an ambulance for Pam. They carried her to the hospital, she had no major injuries but was pretty beat up.

After the weeks it took to get the insurance company to pay for fixing the car, it was sent off, the body work done, and some weeks later Pam went to get it. After driving it for a couple of weeks, and after a couple of big rains, it started to smell bad inside, and we figured out there was something still bent causing a leak, which saturated the carpet, which soured. So back in the shop it went.

While pulling out the carpet, the envelope with the Boxwood was found under a seat.

Anyway, to make a long story short, the envelope is back on the dash of my truck, and I hope to remember to mail it tomorrow. I haven't checked the pms to see when this started, but it must have been a couple of months ago.

Mel Fulks
10-22-2014, 9:52 PM
Tom, that sure beats "my dog ate the boxwood". Hope your wife is recovering comfortably.

Tom M King
10-22-2014, 10:01 PM
It's been long enough now that she's fine. Thanks.

The Subaru WRX is a tough car. The back left corner was completely caved in, and according to witnesses it had been spun around a time and a half. The cop drove it out of the street into a bank parking lot next to the accident site. Pam called me after they let her out of the hospital, and asked if I thought she should try to drive the car home. Our Daughter had gone to pick her up from the hospital, and they went to look at the car. I told her to straighten the front tires and sight them by the back tires to see if she could see any obvious alignment problem. She said it looked okay, so I told her to drive it down the street to see if there was any vibration. There wasn't, so she drove it home, and from then on until she settled on an agreement with the insurance company, and it went to the body shop several weeks later. No drivetrain work was required.

Jim Becker
10-24-2014, 9:05 PM
Wow...'glad she was ok! And, yea...Subbies are tough.