View Full Version : My turn with Corel questions: merging 2 bitmaps

Kev Williams
10-22-2014, 4:42 PM
Is it possible to merge two 1-bit bitmaps together?
My problem: I'm working on shading a halftone logo. I've gotten it close, but all of the shading could be 'darker'. What I did was take the almost-right bitmap, and created a second bitmap from it at slightly different settings. The results- as shown only by viewing in wireframe, only the top bitmap shows in enhanced- should engrave perfectly. The 2 sets together make the perfect dot pattern.

However, my LS900 won't engrave both bitmaps at the same time. It will only engrave the TOP one. Since this is a 20 minute engrave ONE time, I'm trying to avoid running this twice (although I will if I have to!

I've tried photo mode, halftone, hatch (or whatever it is, I never use it), it won't do both bitmaps at the same time. I have a graphic and text I've added separately (to avoid the 1-bit choppy edges) that will engrave at the same time with the bitmap (the one on top) in photo mode, but not halftone mode.

When grouping the 2 bitmaps together, there's no "group" or "combine" option available....


Kev Williams
10-22-2014, 5:12 PM
Figured out a better solution I think-- I went in and resampled the bitmap at different settings. The resample setting wouldn't highlight before, but it was because I had both bitmaps grouped. (duh)

Anyway, original was 300 dpi, and after several different changes- 200, 250, 350, 400, etc, it appeared to me that the dots were moving and getting smaller, but no increase in density. So for kicks I entred 305 dpi, and Voila! That seemed to add a few dots here and there with little effect on the existing dots! And a test run came out just about right!