View Full Version : Lacquer and Oil over Cherry?

Walt Pater
07-12-2005, 11:51 PM
Can it be done? A coat of tung oil, a couple of day's drying, then sprayed lacquer over the whole shebang? I may be refinishing some kitchen cabs, and have read of this combination of finishes. Anybody with any experience with this process? Thanks, Walt.

Kirk (KC) Constable
07-13-2005, 2:10 AM
Make sure the oil is dry...but sure. I use WATCO topped with Sherwood Precat lacquer on 98% of everything I do.


Jim Becker
07-13-2005, 2:32 PM
If you use Tung Oil (the real stuff), you need to wait a lot longer than two days--up to a month--for it to fully cure. Not doing so could cause blushing/white spots under the lacquer. BLO will give you essentially the same effect (for a far lower cost) and cure in 3-5 days. Further, with the BLO, you can do a seal coat of shellac after a couple days and then proceed with your lacquer. (De-waxed is required if you are using a water-bourne lacquer product)

Varnish oils, such as Watco, that KC mentions can be used, but again, you can get pretty much the same effect at a lower cost (and with less chance of problems from the lacquer thinner melting the varnish) by using just plain BLO for your oil step. If you use a varnish oil, it must be fully cured before topcoating. (Smell it...if it still has a distinctive odor, it's not done yet...)

Walt Pater
07-13-2005, 8:30 PM
I wasn't in love w/ springing for tung oil. I was thinking BLO w/ Japan drier, to be honest. Anyone with a good way to get the old lacquer off of every nook and cranny of some cabinet fronts?