View Full Version : Advice for an online knick-nack store

Stephen Tashiro
10-12-2014, 3:54 AM
A friend of mine has started an online knick-nack store hosted by GoDaddy. She would like advice about how to make it successful. Are there online advice columns for online sellers? Are there forums or blogs by online sellers?

When searching Youtube, I find plenty about the mechanics of using GoDaddy, Wordpress etc. But I didn't find anything significant about strategies of marketing and advertising. She tried paying Facebook to do some advertising and it had no effect.

Moses Yoder
10-12-2014, 4:04 AM
I would suggest taking a marketing course at a local community college. I took some business management classes and marketing is covered in those as well. It works best to find a niche, a specific group of items, and then to become an expert in that niche.