View Full Version : Bathrroom Remodeling -- Bath tub overflow and drain trim change

George Bokros
10-04-2014, 6:37 PM
We embarking on a bathroom remodel which will include changing the sink faucet and since the wife wants to change from a chrome finish it will mean I need to change the trim out on the tub faucet and tub drain. The faucet is no issue because we will stay with a Moen since that is the make of the existing faucets and I do not want to and cannot change out the tub valve without cutting the wall in the bedroom out to access the valve on the tub faucet. I cannot access the underside of the tub since the bathroom is on the second floor.

The issue is that the trim for the tub overflow and drain will need to be changed to match the new faucets. I have been told I can just unscrew the tub drain and replace it with one that has a matching finish. I know there is a rubber washer between the outside tub bottom and the flange on the drain. My question is do I need to be concerned about that rubber washer dislodging and getting lost under the tub and hence I will have a tub drain leak?

Has anyone done this, replaced a tub drain trim out? Were you successful? Any tips or things I should be aware of to insure the rubber washer is not damaged or lost?


Tom M King
10-04-2014, 7:36 PM
That washer is a pretty big thing, and if it's been there for a while, it's probably fairly stuck in place. Even if you do drop it, you can still get another one back in there. Most likely it's wedge shaped, which will help keep it from dropping all the way down too. It's not a high pressure fitting. As you back the screw out the last little bit, keep slight pull pressure so that the drain pipe is encouraged to hold its place.