View Full Version : Fine Graduations on Aluminum

Chris Parks
10-01-2014, 9:57 AM
I asked this in the engraving forum but that was obviously the wrong place. Does anyone know the process which for example Woodpeckers use to put the graduation marks on their tools in a contrasting colour? I only Use Woodpeckers as an example because most here would be familiar with them. I am developing an adjuster mechanism for something outside of woodworking and it will be CNC machined in large quantities if that helps.

Scott Shepherd
10-01-2014, 1:03 PM
Yes, it can be done like that, most certainly. I don't own any woodpecker tools but looking at their website made me think they use a variety of things to mark their tools, depending on what it is and what needs to be marked. Some of their stuff looked like it was laser engraved, some looked like it was pad printed or screen printed, but not having seen any in person, I can't be sure, but I do know laser engraving them would do a really clean job on them.

There's a brand new member to the laser forum from Australia, you should look him up, maybe he can help you! Look for the post by Bernie Fraser!

Steve Peterson
10-01-2014, 1:16 PM
I don't have any Woodpeckers tools, but have a few guesses. Marks that are above the surface are printed on. I am not sure of the process. Obviously there are durable inks, since Woodpeckers appears to use this process on high end tools.

Aluminum can also be anodized to add a very durable surface color and engraved to reveal the original aluminum color. This provides a really good contrast with long lasting markings and a really professional look.


Ole Anderson
10-01-2014, 8:03 PM
And it is not unusual to engrave the piece, swipe a contrasting paint across to fill the engraving and then lightly sand the surface with a very fine grit to remove any remaining paint after it dries.