View Full Version : Potting Bench Building Templates

Jim Koepke
09-30-2014, 7:29 PM
Most of the time my tool making has been posted in the Neanderthal Haven forum. This is my first time posting tool builds here. If you have a question and I do not respond most likely it is because I forgot to check back here, send a PM.

These are a few tools made to help build potting benches I sell at our local farmers market:


On the top right is the gauge used for placing the bolt hole for the legs. I forgot to allow for the slats on the top and had to reposition the hole, oops.

Thing that looks like a bench hook is used at the drill press to pre-drill nail holes on an angle so they are not only uniform but they do not split the cedar.

The one in front of drill guide is a 1/8" spacer for spacing the slats on the top of the bench. Other sizes of these have been made for other projects. I have also made gauge blocks of wood for other uses. They are handy for setting up fences on planes or even hanging blinds in a window.