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Moses Yoder
09-28-2014, 8:34 AM
About a month ago I was talking to a lady in our church about cabinetmaking when she said "Hold on a minute, I want to ask my husband Dale something." They came back and said his uncle had built some tools in the late '50s I think that no-one had been using for many years and they were stored in Dale's barn. Dale said he would have to get with the parties involved but he thought I could have them if I could use them. In a couple weeks (last Sunday) he came back and said the uncle's daughter and son-in-law are living in New Mexico so transport would be very expensive, plus they had no place to put them and therefore would be happy if someone could use them. He said I could have them if I wanted them, it was cleared with all involved parties. He is a retired rail road man and has a collection of ultralight airplanes so the little bit of money he could get out of them was of no meaning to him; it would mean more to him that someone gets enjoyment out of them. I made arrangements to look at them last Monday. They are built mostly out of fir wood and plywood. When I looked at them Monday I thought they would be worth having but figured it would be a while before I got them running. The band saw is missing the motor, the lathe was missing the tail stock and rest, but the lathe had a very nice 3 jaw chuck on it and as soon as I saw that I knew I wanted them.

I told him I would take them as soon as I sold the wood stove out of my shop. I posted the stove on Craigslist Tuesday and it was sold and moved out on Wednesday. On Thursday I made arrangements to pick up the tools on Saturday. When I called Dale he said he had found a box full of accessories for the lathe. When we got there yesterday he showed me the parts and I figured out how the ultra cool tail stock works.

I can just imagine this guy tinkering around in his shop in those days making these machines. He was a machinist, I assume the tools are his own design. The lower wheel on the band saw adjusts to be co-planar with the top; the top wheel has an adjustment for tightening the blade and tilts for tracking. I will probably get a 1/2 horse used motor for it off of Craigs or garage sale and then put an 1/8" blade on and use it for tight curves. I have a 14" Delta band saw that I will probably just keep a 3/8" blade on then and use for joinery or gradual curves. I am hoping a stock Craftsman blade or something like that fits this saw. It has leather rims on the wheels.

The lathe just needs a belt, and will be ready to try out; I have the rest for it, I am just not showing it in the pic, forgot to put it on. I can't get over the tail stock drilling apparatus. I think I will use a nail in the 1/4" jaw for between center turning.

The stool is my new shop stool now. I took my shop chair into work so I would have a chair for break, had no shop stool for a while and am thrilled to death with this one.

The old Sears table saw was thrown into the deal, in pretty good shape considering, not sure what I am going to do with it, needs a motor.


Frederick Skelly
09-28-2014, 9:40 AM
Good for you. Id very much enjoy bringing all of that gear back to life. There are several guys on SMC who've restored old machinery that can probably advise if you need it.

I find that bandsaw intriguing - Id love to see how that old machinist shaped and balanced those wheels well enough to use on a bandsaw. (Im not too sure I could.) Please post more pics and words as you bring these back to operating condition - Id love to read the ongoing saga Moses.


John RStegall
09-28-2014, 11:13 AM
I had a table saw that looks exactly like that one. If I remember correctly it had 1/2" arbor. I also think the table tilted. I used it awhile and donated it to another woodworker who wanted it. I happened upon a saw sharpening shop that had five or six blades that fit it that were unclaimed. I paid him for the sharpening and passed them on with the saw. No carbide tips though.

Marvin Hasenak
10-03-2014, 12:38 AM
The tailstock is a variation of the Taig mini lathe tailstock. I love how it works.

Yusuke Heller
12-18-2014, 9:10 PM
I have a table saw similar to the one pictured. I believe yours is a Sears/Dunlap model 103.0208 or 09 if I'm not mistaken. The true manufacturer was the King Seeley Corporation if you need to track down parts and original manuals (The manuals are all online and easy to find).

I have a 1941 7" 103.0209 that I'm currently refurbishing to like new condition. Really cool saws. I had to rescue mine when I saw it sitting in a friend's garage piled high with junk and neglect. As soon as I felt the tolerance in the cast iron top I had to have it. Even with all the rust and gunk and age that miter gauge fit right and tight with NO slop. Good old American machining. You can also get adapter bushings for the saw blade to accept larger arbor blades. I ran a test cut on it before I stripped it down just for kicks and man, it cut hard maple like it was butter. I can't wait to get it finished and start using it. I'm mainly planning to use mine with a thin kerf blade for cutting smaller craft pieces.

If yours still has the tag and it says .0208

Here is my inspiration for my own rebuild of my 7" model.