View Full Version : Tamarack, the best of West Virginia art

Ole Anderson
09-27-2014, 9:41 AM
Seeing the post regarding the Vermont Woodworking festival reminded me that there is some great woodworking on display and for sale at the Tamarack Art center near Beckley, WV just off I-77 at exit 45. We stopped Wednesday for the fourth time now on the way back from Bristol TN heading to Michigan. Lots of artwork and locally produced artsy items for sale there from blown glass, pottery, quilts, artwork, food items and of course several displays of woodworking from bandsaw boxes to bedroom furniture. One rustic bed frame for sale (something like $2800) used two threaded wood "tenons" with wood nuts at the end of each rail to pull the frame together, very unique. They have six glassed studios with artisans working at their craft (but never when we stop mid week). If you are ever driving by, be sure to stop.

Tony Zona
09-27-2014, 7:14 PM
And . . . you can get a meal there at a wonderful lunch counter.

All the arts and crafts are made by West Virginians. You should see the carved coal.

The lunch, and I think dinner, counter is associated with Green Briar. Holy smokes the stuff is good. There's room there for cars, buses and campers and motor homes.

You absolutely have to stop there.

I'm not associated with Tamarack, just a happy traveler who makes it a point to stop if I'm nearby.

Green Briar, by the way, is a hoity toity place all the Washington, D.C. people make it a point to go.