View Full Version : CorelDraw very slow to open, save, cut/paste

Glen Monaghan
09-13-2014, 9:42 AM
For a couple of weeks, I've been frustrated by an extreme slowdown in CorelDraw. Where cut/paste used to be nearly instantaneous, I'd get the "spinning wheel of wait" for several seconds after cutting and the software appeared to hang for several seconds when trying to paste. Files that used to open in a second took about 45 seconds, and "save as" could take over a minute before the save was complete and the file name updated on the display. I initially suspected that I'd mucked up something while playing with macros and preferences to customize some of my most common workflows, but google indicated that many others had similar issues due to corrupted files and/or excessive color styles and such. My inspections and tests indicated those weren't the source of my problems, but I wasn't coming up with any solutions.

One responder to another person's description of a CorelDraw slowdown suggested clearing the temp files on the system drive. Initially, I dismissed this out of hand because it seemed to me like that was a global factor and I wasn't experiencing similar problems with other software. However, several days later I noticed that my system drive, a 128GB SSD, only had about 8GB free so I went looking for stuff to clear out and, in due course, deleted all the temp files. When done, I'd freed up another 20GB and, hey presto, next time I used it, CorelDraw was opening/closing files and cutting/pasting at normal speeds again!

So, apparently CD is more sensitive to low disk space than any other software I'm currently running. If you experience a CD slowdown, check your temp space!

Steve Morris
09-13-2014, 4:16 PM
Yep, when free disk space goes below about 10% then performance issues will arise, CD shows it well as do most other graphics heavy packages due to the volume of data they are passing.
Don't even think of video editing if there's no space :)

walter hofmann
09-14-2014, 5:44 AM
you need to clean your registry, if this is full of unused entries it slows your computer dramtically

Bill George
09-14-2014, 6:57 AM
Every so often I go to "C" drive and click on Properties, Disk Cleanup and remove unused files. You can also remove Windows update files, there is an option for that, as once you download and install, you no longer need those downloaded files.
The more Fonts you have installed the slower the system will be. Search Bars from Yahoo, Google and the like slow the computer down.
Use caution when doing anything in the Registry, IF you know what your doing its fine... otherwise its a disaster waiting.

Glen Monaghan
09-14-2014, 11:01 PM
In my case, the registry had nothing to do with it. Simply a matter of the little SSD filling up and having too many useless temp files laying about. Once some SSD space was freed up by deleting the temp files, everything was back to normal.