View Full Version : I need a bench for the lathe

steven c newman
09-10-2014, 5:00 PM
And i had some bed frame parts. Mainly metal 3x3s a couple brace rods, and some osb board,
Cut four legs to 36" long. The two brace rods were screwe3d in place, giving me a front and a back assembly. Added some 1x3s across the brace rods. Just drill a hole through the wood, finger clamp it in place and drive a fine thread drywall screw through. Added some braces to the bottom of the legs. OSB at the ends, then a 1x4 from end to end. Time to put it back on it's feet
And add a top. Ran a 1x4 along under the front edge. I had to trim the top a bit. Top is screwed down to the cross members, and the front piece. Bench will now "rack" now. The front piece is also screwed to the legs. Time to add a lathe
Not the fanciest one around. Now, I need to add some lights and an outlet over there. Just stuff I had on hand, and the trash pile. Might just work.:D

ray hampton
09-11-2014, 2:48 PM
did you drill holes thru. the angle iron [bed frames are usual hard to drill]
nice table

steven c newman
09-11-2014, 4:10 PM
Seems a fine thread drywall screw works very well on the metal parts. After all, think metal studs.

I can go back if needed, and add a layer of regular plywood someday. I was using what was on hand.

I splayed the legs out 5 degrees to help it sit a bit better, and not be tippy. May run some power to it later, and see how well it sits.

So, IF you happen to see an old metal Loft bed frame at the curbside for trash day, you might want to grab it for "parts"...

george wilson
09-12-2014, 9:02 AM
Bed frame angle iron is much harder to drill than ordinary angle iron. It is harder. Made that way to stand up under the weight of the bed. Happy drilling!!

Brian W Smith
09-12-2014, 1:06 PM
Our experience here is that it "work hardens" when drilling with anything less than stellar drill geometry,feeds,and speeds.Get that right,and it's just a another job.

The problem we have is inclusions whilst cutting.....it'll eat a BS blade for lunch,and leave No TIP,haha.

Hope your lathe stand works out.If it needs it?.....some plywood "inserts" installed would probably work.

steven c newman
09-13-2014, 9:46 AM
Ok, as to drilling these posts. I use about the same procedure as metal stud and drywallers do. Those fine thread drywall screws work nicely, IF I have the block of wood/plywood predrilled. I clamp the wood in place, insert a screw into the pilot hole , and run the driver on high speed. These are not self-drilling screws, either. They do go right in though. I had to be careful not to over drive them, and strip out the threads.

Overhead light is now "On". For now, just an extension cord over to the lathe will have to do. Looking at adding a cicuit in the breaker box, maybe a 20A and run a few outlets and lights. There is room in the breaker box. 12-2 with ground should be enough for what I will be using down there. Looking at ideas to place the lethe chisels either near the stand, or in the stand. So far, costs have been....one light bulb. Might get a test drive later this weekend.