View Full Version : Shortcuts for laserworks?

Martin James
09-09-2014, 9:30 AM
Are there any keyboard shortcuts that work for rdcam laserworks?

Maybe one that switches between layers. Since I cant seem to find a way to move up and down the layer stack i am thinking there might be a keyboard shortcut for that.

thanks marty

Clark Pace
09-09-2014, 8:10 PM
short cut is to use corel, illustrator, inkscape to design in and then cut the laser works to engrave and cut. Or use a plugin from corel

Martin James
09-10-2014, 9:16 AM
Thanks clark,
I just need to be able to switch layers in laserworks. Or even just reliably select the top layer so i can move it over so i can then select the lower layer.

Half the time i select the top layer the bottom one gets selected as well.

I design everything in photoshop. For alignment i select the canvas then transform the selection to 99%, invert selection then paint tiny registration marks into the corners. Later the laser will both engrave and vector those registration marks, and both my .AI and .BMP are exactly the same size and align up together as layers in laserworks.

no laserworks plugs in windows 8.

Most of the layer capable programs i have used before can tab through the layers and have "send to back" etc. there is one shortcut listed but it conflicts with windows 8.

thanks for the help, marty