View Full Version : OK. I learned a few things today...and confirmed something I knew already...

Harold Burrell
09-08-2014, 2:31 PM
The following is a bit of a spin-off of a couple of other threads. I couldn't decide which one to post this under, so I decided to start yet another. :D

First, I learned that I really like my spyderco M stone. Since it is so hard (and thus wear resistant) I felt a little more free to practice honing free-hand. I do wish it were wider, but I was able to raise a burr. Cool.

I then took it straight to an MDF block charged with green compound. You know, the whole "stropping" thing. I did 3 different plane irons this way: the blade from my LV B\U jack, a Hock blade from my Bedrock smoother, and a stock blade from my Millers Falls LA block. All the blades were O1(ish).

What I learned was that it WORKED! The whole process took me seconds. And in every case I was literally rolling end-grain shavings off of pine.

It was actually kind of scary how easy it was.

Oh...I also confirmed today something that I already knew (or, at least, was pretty sure about): George knows what he's talking about. ;)

Winton Applegate
09-08-2014, 8:43 PM
What happens if you chuck wood at a woodchuck???

It could knock it back at cha if it is spinning at the time. Best to chuck wood IN a woodchuck.

As far as all that sharpening stuff I leave that to my valet. I never pay much attention to how he does it.

Harold Burrell
09-08-2014, 9:24 PM
As far as all that sharpening stuff I leave that to my valet...

Valet??? Me...I've never been into that highbrow stuff.

Besides...I'm not much into watching grown men dance around in tights.

(OK. That was corny. Sorry. :o )

David Weaver
09-08-2014, 9:26 PM
That'd be my suggestion for a really inexpensive routine that works really well - MDF and a medium stone of some sort. Anything can go on the MDF, white compound, green compound, autosol, it all works (they are all mostly based on aluminum oxide, anyway, unless you get a green compound that's spec'd to go without it, and none of us would be satisfied with the speed for woodworking).

And there's an 8x3 UF in the mail, too.

Harold Burrell
09-09-2014, 9:32 AM
And there's an 8x3 UF in the mail, too.

Dave...I'd hug you...

If you didn't live so far away...

and if I could get my arms around your girth. ;)