View Full Version : Trotec Flexx Owners - Question on Alignment b/w CO2 and Fiber

James Olander
09-07-2014, 10:39 PM
I'm a Speedy 300 owner, primarily do cutting, producing anywhere from 50 to 1200 parts per 24" x 16" sheet. I'm looking to upgrade my machine with a 20W fiber laser, I want to mark the parts with serial numbers and my brand. I'm anticipating the first pass on the parts would be with the fiber, then second pass would be CO2 cutting. Questions for owners of a Flexx machine:

Is the alignment of the Fiber laser to the CO2 laser dead-nuts on? I'd need greater than .002" alignment precision between the two lasers across the entire working surface of the bed.

Is running the fiber as simple as something like selecting "raster" within the job control software?

Does anyone have experience marking Delrin with a trotec fiber?

Anything else to consider in this process?


Mike Null
09-08-2014, 7:40 AM
I think you should ask for a demo so you can see how this machine works. I believe it is necessary to change lenses and cones then refocus when switching from one mode to the other.

Keith Bielat
09-08-2014, 9:05 AM
I have a Flexx400 so not identical to what you were asking, but in my situation the alignment was dead on for both sources. I was worried about the same thing, but was able to test one day when trying out a new material. I was able to run the same 8point text and it was overlayed exactly for my purposes. *Disclaimer* I did not use an eye-loop or any very detailed method to verify this, but to the naked eye no one was able to see any shadow or double image from the 2 sources.

If you plan to do this, I would recommend using the Flexx specific Lenses (2.85" is the one I have) that allows for both CO2 and fiber tubes to be used without the need to switch. The only thing that I get scared of when doing this is that the software automatically lowers the table when it knows a Flexx lens is being used with the CO2 tube. I never did ask why, but I haven't run into any issues with that yet.

Sorry I can't help with your Delrin question, I have never had that material to try out. If you are somewhere close to me (can't tell from your profile) I can show you my machine, but like Mike said, asking for a Demo might be best. When I was looking at my machine, there were no demo of the 400 flexx around, at least not in my area, but I believe the 300 is their workhorse machine and should be more readily available.

matthew knott
09-08-2014, 1:07 PM
The Alignment should be pretty much perfect, as Keith pointed out you can use the same lens for both co2 and fiber. What i don't understand is why you need the flexx at all, surely you would just use the co2 laser to both mark and cut. In my experience Delrin is awful stuff to mark on a Fiber and a co2 is much better suited! Am i missing something ??
PS the reason the laser bed needs to change height between the co2 & fibre is the lasers are different wavelengths, therefore the focus height will be different for each laser, so even though the lens is marked as a 2.85" it wont focus at 2.85" for both lasers.

James Olander
09-08-2014, 2:13 PM
Hi Keith, Matt, thank you for the replies. That is great to hear on the alignment. I'm guessing the two beams from the separate laser get combined on the optics path somewhere in the back/side of the machine, so as long as those are co-linear and co-centric at that point of combining, all should be good.

@Keith, I am in Denver, no flexx machines in my area that I am aware of either. I'm working with my rep and another gentleman on samples, appreciate your offer. I may take you up on that when I am ready to trial my full size sheet (16" x 24")

@Matt: The reason for fiber on delrin: I cut black Delrin, and I intend to put a white mark on. I currently do use the CO2 to create an etched mark on the black delrin, but that mark is very difficult to see, you have to move the part around in the light to see the full mark. This result is way sub part for a branding mark on a consumer product. Any change in color provided by the fiber laser will be an improvement. I'm not going for bright white on black, just about anything would be better than the current situation.

matthew knott
09-08-2014, 3:27 PM
Ok, black delrin, after a quick google I think i was thinking delrin was something else, it looks like it should engrave with a fiber. This could be the first ever genuine application of the flexx i have heard of, normally i always think 2 separate laser systems is the better option but the flexx should suit this down to the ground. Only advise I would give is make sure trotec run samples for you, using the flexx lens as it might affect the cutting quality. Also i would imagine this is going to be a complicated upgrade, can you find anyone thats had it done, is it an onsite upgrade option ?

James Olander
09-08-2014, 8:52 PM
Glad to hear I am not the only one thinking this might be a good use of the flexx capabilities, been racking my brain on where it would fall apart, but seems to be a great option.

Thanks for heads up on flexx lens, I'll be sure to test that out. As for onsite upgrade, it was quoted to me when I bought the machine that it was possible, some small drilling potentially. But my current machine says "Flexx upgrade ready", so I sure as hell hope they have thought it through a bit.