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Dennis Peacock
07-08-2005, 10:27 PM

We have spent the last two days at an Arkansas theme Park called Magic Spings and Crystal Falls. Magic Springs is an upstart theme park with rides and such like Six Flags. Crystal Falls is a water park inside Magic Springs with all kinds of really cool "wet stuff" to ride and do. Very nice park and very family oriented. The kids had a BLAST and Tracy and I had fun as well just riding some rides with the kids and watching them have fun.

I CAN tell you that two days at a theme park is physically draining and the heat and sun really gets to ya. We're all glad to be back home and it was the 2nd vacation that we've taken in 15 years. We've either never had the money or never had the time to take to go do something like this and this time....we MADE time to be a family and have family fun together.

1. Pic of the family once we entered the park.
2. Pic of me and my oldest son Samuel taking our 1st ride on The Gauntlet. What a RIDE that was!!!!
3. Pic of a nice cool splash of the spectators watching a "wet" ride in the park. Popular spot on a hot day.

Sorry for the pic quality...but they were taken with a cheap camera since we were in a theme park and lots of WET rides.!!!!

John Hart
07-09-2005, 7:12 AM
Happy Times Dennis.:) Isn't it a shame that we spend so little time doing these valuable things and so much time trying to slog through the mud. I'm glad to see you broke off and created some memories. I need to do that too. Good going Dad!