View Full Version : Flea Market finds.

Joe Tonich
05-25-2003, 6:03 PM
I found a Starret Combo set (9" rule), a Stanley #7 ( has a Miller Falls iron, but no adjusting lever for squaring up the blade (can't think of the name of it :( ) anyone know what "style (?)" it is?), and a wooden plane that I have no idea of what it is. It has a Sandusky tool iron and I think it had OGONTE(?) TOOLS stamped on the front of it. Any ideas on it?
All together I payed $60 for them. I figure if I put a little work into them they should be OK to use.

Also bought some Hot-Wheels, Yu-Gi-Oh cards and some water Yo-Yo's for the boys. :D


Tom Scott
05-26-2003, 1:52 AM
The #7 is referred to as a "pre-lateral", as in pre-lateral adjuster. I believe the lateral blade adjuster showed up in type 5's, which means your's is a type 1 through 4. to find out exactly, you can check out this site for dating Stanleys Stanly Dating (http://www.hyperkitten.com/tools/stanley_bench_plane/dating) .

The wooden plane looks to be a coffin smoother. I do't much beyond that. Many people really like the wooden smoothers, saying that the finsh is far superior, almost burnished, after planing. Tune it up and have a go, then let us know how you like it.

Oh, and nice Starrett combo you got there. I wouldn't mind finding one of those.


Jim DeLaney
05-26-2003, 10:41 AM
Your #7 may be a 'parts plane.'

The bed, with "Made in USA" cast into it is a Type 14 (1929-1930) or later.

The kidney shaped hole in the lever cap didn't appear until Type 16 (1933-1941).

Either of theses types should have a lateral adjuster - with a small 'wheel' on the botom, and "Stanley" written horizontally along its length.

Is there a small hole for the lateral adjuster rivet at the top of the frog? Is there a piece broken off the top of the frog?

I'm not sure when the orange paint first appeared on the lever cap, but I think it was after WWII.

Regardless of type or age, you appear to have a good 'user' #7 there. Tune it up, and enjoy it.