View Full Version : Woo Hoooo we just placed our Epilog Mini order !!!

chris szlachetka
09-03-2014, 1:26 PM
What's up guys ! We just placed an order for the Epilog Mini 24 40w and can't decide on software... We're hoping for the Mac driver plugs, but honestly I think a PC would be more reliable in this case. We're going to be cutting (wood, plastic,cardboard) & engraving just about everything (AL, Ti, SS, etc..). We run both Mac & PC on our CNCs, but these programs are overkill for the laser. We're looking at buying a copy of Corel draw 6 and noticed 7 was released so time ago.

Which CAD/design program do you like more and why ?

They told us it'd take 2 weeks to build and ship, hope that's correct because we can't wait !!! If there's anything you'd like to add go right ahead, tips, tricks, etc..

David Somers
09-03-2014, 2:16 PM

Congrats!!!! Big time congrats!!

It sounds like you might be in a shop environment since you mention CNC's?
Just curious. Even though your current CNC programs may be overkill for use on a laser, they still produce a vector file. If you staff already knows the software why introduce something new? Of course, there is the issue of the fact that with Corel you have a big installed base of users and expertise specifically related to its use on lasers. But is that worth the learning curve when you are already proficient on whatever software you use now?

Just a thought.


chris szlachetka
09-09-2014, 11:20 AM
Thx Dave !!! Yes, we currently run a CNC & finishing shop. We're moving into a new building next month and have just about everything setup for the laser. The only problem we had was CAD software. Yes, we could use our CAD programs for laser, but most of the stuff we use would be overkill and most likely would require more steps than needed with Corel draw. I don't think Corel draw would require much time to learn for us, we're more concern of the computer & machine communication. Also being able to use all of the latest fonts, engraving pictures on our products, etc.. I'm most likely chasing my tail here and as soon as the machine arrives I'll figure it out in a few days. I think we're going to run the machine from a MBP running parallels 9, XP & Corel Draw 6 since 7 won't run on XP. We use XP for many of the same reasons on our CAD, CAM programs. Thanks for the response and hope to knock out a few test parts day 1. :)

Skyler Bierley
09-09-2014, 3:13 PM
I am currently using a similar machine, Epilog Mini 35 Watt, with Corel Draw 6. I had previously been an Adobe user and as you stated above, it did not take much time to learn the program. I actually enjoy Corel more than some Adobe programs now (dont tell anyone).
As far as issue between computer, software and laser communication I cannot say Ive had an issues. All in all I am very happy with Corel Draw and its simplicity yet capability to produce wonderful results.

Brian Rodenz
09-09-2014, 9:49 PM
Congrats on the new mini! My mini is shipping this week. Can't wait!

chris szlachetka
09-10-2014, 9:14 AM
Skyler lol ! Thanks for the heads up!!

chris szlachetka
09-10-2014, 9:18 AM
THX !! Brian we're stoked and have so many things lined up ! I feel your pain :)