View Full Version : UV adhesive for acrylic?

Bob Davis
08-28-2014, 3:28 AM
For years I've been able to glue acrylic edges together with chloroform dispensed through a glass syringe.
Unfortunately I've now run out of chloroform and have had to resort to a clear "water thin" acrylic adhesive. This is because chloroform is now regarded as a toxic substance here in Australia, and supply is limited to those who can demonstrate a clear need and also pay for a very expensive licence.
I've found the acrylic adhesive to be less than ideal for forming clear and nearly invisible bonds in acrylic. I think this is because the adhesive has a slightly higher viscosity and therefore doesn't move as far or as evenly into the join by capillary action. Whatever the reason, I'm not getting the results I am looking for.
Casting around for an alternative, I'm wondering if a UV adhesive could be a workable option. Does anybody here have any experience with this?

Keith Colson
08-28-2014, 3:41 AM
Dymax make some really nice UV glue for acrylic. You are right it is much cleaner and more controlled than you typical Weldon cement. But nothing is as strong as Weldon because it is a cement that does a chemical bond where Dymax is your typical glue.

look up the recommended number and give it a try. What I like about the Dymax is you can wipe it off at any point and start again without any damage to the acrylic. BTW Always keep Dymax UV cure glue in the fridge when not in use as its life will be limited otherwise.


Paul Phillips
08-28-2014, 11:55 AM
Hi Bob, I've never used UV glue for Acrylic, but FWIW, I know a few shops that deal exclusively with Acrylic fabrication, (high end Acrylic furniture) and when they have to laminate large pieces together bubble free, they use the Sci-Grip #28 (used to be Weld-on), like any new technique it takes some practice to get good. Hope this helps.