View Full Version : ULS Software Update Crashed Windows 7. Just us?

Joel Matteson
08-27-2014, 8:12 AM
This weekend our ULS software alerted us that there was an update. We've never had a problem with the updates, so we installed it and rebooted. Our computer never came back to life. Couldn't get past the startup screen, wouldn't even start in safe mode. Couldn't be repaired using the emergency start up disk. Early diagnosis is that a hardware driver was corrupt beyond repair.

Luckily our friend was able to find a restore point from earlier this month and get everything back up and running. Wondering if it was a coincidence or if anyone else has recently updated their ULS software and had a problem?

Windows 7
VLS 4.6
ULS software version was current prior to most recent update.

Update: ULS informed me that they have not had any problems reported.


Frédéric PARROT
08-27-2014, 6:46 PM
Perhaps it's the last Microsoft update ? See :