View Full Version : Thank you Highland Woodworking

Malcolm Schweizer
08-15-2014, 7:31 AM
I realized late in the game that there is no narrow blade for the new bandsaw (short version of a longer story), and Saturday I am teaching a boatbuilding class where we need to cut out forms for kayaks. I called Highland Woodworking and the lady (sorry I did not get her name) said the mail had been sent already so it would go tomorrow. I said tomorrow would get it there Monday and I need it for Saturday, but if they couldn't do it I would still order the blade and just cut the class short this week. I wasn't pushy or anything. Really it was not the end of the world if it doesn't get here. She said she would see if anyone was headed towards the PO and would have them drop it off. That day I got the tracking and it had left Atlanta. Today it is scheduled to be here this afternoon and I can pick it up Saturday on the way to class.

Thank you, Highland Woodworking for your usual excellent service. That little extra effort is why I choose you over the many others. You have not lost the small store service.