View Full Version : rayjet exhaust outlet diameter

Mike Dempsey
08-07-2014, 2:22 PM
I am waiting to get my rayjet 30w and was wondering what the diameter of the exhaust extraction is so I can order a hose pipe to connect to my purex extraction system. Is it a spigot where the hose fits over or do I need to get a spigot to fit into the hose at one side and the extraction at the other side. My sales rep is away on holiday and there is some confusion at trotec as to what the size is.
Thought I would ask the experts

John Warren
08-07-2014, 7:57 PM
I believe you can specify either 3" or 4". I know for a fact that's the case with the Speedy models - because they sent me the 3" and had to overnight the 4" part I had originally requested (it's easily switched with an allen wrench). But I am pretty sure when I was pricing things out the sales rep also said you could specify 3" or 4" on the Rayjet models.