View Full Version : Deployed Poker Chip

Nathan Shaffer
08-06-2014, 5:12 PM
Hello from the Sandbox!
It has been nice and toasty (115 deg.) I have been out here for a little bit, got talking to a co-worker about designing a poker chip for our section of the unit. Still working on a wise guy comment for one side.
Would anyone be willing to critic the design?
Does anyone have a vector for the "chocolate chip" camo? It was used in the First Gulf War.

If anyone would happen to want to use any part of the design please feel free. I could not get the Corel file to upload, but willing to email it.

Thank you294329

Bert Kemp
08-07-2014, 7:45 AM
Nathan Thanks for all you do :) over there keep a cool head and stay safe.
oh I do understand 115 being from the Phoenix area:cool:
Awesome looking chips by the way, I'd love the cdr file . I'll send you a pm