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john passek
08-05-2014, 7:54 PM
Hello Fellow Creekers
Just wondering if anyone has the rotary with the wheels, not the cones. If so, how do you like it and have you used both types.
I need something that I can do shot glasses on and the cones don't work.
I only have a 2" lense on my speedy 100.
Any other suggestions welcome.

Kevin Gregerson
08-06-2014, 12:36 AM
How much shot glass are you looking to do? A 2 inch lens has about .15-.2 inches of focal length to play with in regards to glass. A lot of times you can cover a good portion of the glass simply by holding it still on one side and marking that. Not to mention it will be faster.

john passek
08-12-2014, 2:57 PM
Thanks Kevin
I've seen it done that way in videos but always thought it was a 2.5 or 3" lense.
I'll give it a try and see how it works.

Mark Sipes
08-12-2014, 7:37 PM
I'm running a Speedy 25 with a cone rotary and have done several dozen shot glasses without incident with a 2" lens. Gets very close to the back section but clears with no problem. Maybe the device design has changed ?? don't know..

Kevin Gregerson
08-12-2014, 7:50 PM
Thanks Kevin
I've seen it done that way in videos but always thought it was a 2.5 or 3" lense.
I'll give it a try and see how it works.

To get that much ideal focal depth, yes. But with regards to glass the 2 inch goes a fair distance especially with a 50 watt or better. Trying making a few and see how good you can get. I'd be willing to bed you get at least a 3rd of the glass cleanly with that process.

Kev Williams
08-12-2014, 9:30 PM
Any chance of some pics of either of the rotary's? I can't get a visual in my head as to why a shot glass can't be done...?

Kristina Jones
08-13-2014, 2:59 PM
With the roller rotary, you can move the rollers close together and then use the tilt on the end to level the surface. There is a great series of tutorials on working with a Trotec rotary here - http://engrave.ca/

Michael Kowalczyk
08-13-2014, 3:11 PM
Hey Kristina,
Thanks for posting that website....lots of neat stuff. I see another LATE :eek: night watching youtube videos in my future :D

john passek
08-13-2014, 3:20 PM
I will post pics soon of both the Trotec cone and my Epilog roller Rotaries.
Thanks for all the help, many new things to try out. and videos to watch.

john passek
08-13-2014, 3:22 PM
Hi Kristina
I couldn't find any videos where they used the roller type rotary, are they not as popular.

john passek
08-13-2014, 3:27 PM
Hi Mark, what wattage is your 25, I'm not familiar with your machine so don't know what your rotary looks like, what settings do you use for shot glasses.

john passek
08-13-2014, 3:28 PM
Hi Kevin
I do anywhere from 10 to 50 a year.

Jon Colley
08-13-2014, 5:04 PM
The roller style rotary is only available for the Speedy 300, but you could use a longer focal length lens on your existing rotary to make it work. Another alternative is swapping one or both of the stock cones/cups to the smaller ones that are available. If you call our tech support line, we can get you part numbers and pricing for either of these solutions.

Mark Sipes
08-13-2014, 5:42 PM
John, my Trotec is a 25W, one of the first distributed in the US, Feb/2002 build date. Still running strong......

john passek
08-14-2014, 2:24 PM
Thanks Jon
Are you in the Langley office.
I will look into the smaller cones, there have been many suggestions of which I will also explore.

john passek
08-14-2014, 2:33 PM
Mark S.
Wow that's great that your machine has kept you happy for so long, I hope I have the same experience.
At first I was wondering if I made the right choice when I switched from Epilog to a Trotec because of some issues I had, but now that I have some time in the seat with it I am liking it more and more. Still not able to update the firmware due to issues it has with my machine. waiting to hear from the tech team.
I kept my Epilog as well because it has been flawless in every aspect.
Thanks for all the help.

john passek
08-15-2014, 8:16 PM
Well I had some time to play today so I tried doing some shot glasses on the rotary. I was able to get close enough but I had to take the air assist off so it would clear the cones. so now I know I can do smaller items.
Thanks everyone for your help.