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Ken Garlock
05-24-2003, 7:21 PM
I had been looking at pressure washers for several months. The other day someone mentioned the small engine warehouse, and out of curiosity I took a look to see what they had. The first thing I saw was pressure washers. They have a variety of washers, many of which are factory refurbished. I found a deVilbiss 2400 psi, 3 gal/min., 6.5hp Honda GX series engine, washer. It is new, not a refurb.

It arrived Thursday from Indiana by truck. The unit was easy to assemble and looks to be a quality machine. deVilbiss even sent along a video tape of how to set it up and use it, something I had not seen packaged with a piece of equipment in the past.

It came with a dual wand/lance, one side for high pressure, and one for low pressure that is used when applying detergent to the output. The lance is attached to the pump with 25 ft. of Goodyear 3000 psi hose. The pump is made in Italy by Annovi Reverberi. I don't know the company, but I figure the Italians make a very good series of band-saws, so I am not worried about the pump :)

Initial use tells me it is a winner. :D

Phil Phelps
05-24-2003, 8:47 PM
....I bought one several years back, made by the Coleman Co. It peeled the paint from my wifes car, and peeled the skin from the top of my thumb. Nice scar. Hurt like $%&*. I wasn't impressed and took it back. Hope you have better luck. Of course it was all operator error :D

Ken Garlock
05-24-2003, 8:53 PM
The instruction book clearly said to not get any flesh in the way of the spray for exactly the reason you pointed out.:(

Kevin Post
05-25-2003, 8:47 AM
I recently got a 3100 PSI model from Karcher. This particular model comes with interchangeable tips for teh spray wand. The zero degree tip focuses the stream in a tiny area. The other tips gradually fan out the stream for other cleaning tasks. The pump also has an adjustment to lower the pressure.

I was messing around with it the day I got it. I was amazed that with the zero degree tip installed, this thing will tear up concrete or cut wood. (We could probably move this thread into the Power Tool Forum now.) :D However, it wasn't able to clean all the crud off of the grates of my bbq grill. :rolleyes: It did get it pretty clean though...

I'm amazed at the number of excuses I can find to use this thing. It works great for cleaning the deck but it blows those light-weight resin chairs all over the place. There are also some interesting attachments for cleaning gutters, unclogging pipes and even sand blasting. It will peel paint as well as skin quite easily.

My neighbor warned me about washing my truck with it at high pressure. He peeled the stripe decals off his vehicle while he was washing his van without even realizing it until he saw one lying on the ground. I've found that there isn't a good way to get a car clean without using a bucket of soapy water and a rag at some point.


Tony Falotico
05-26-2003, 1:59 PM
Originally posted by Kevin Post
I'm amazed at the number of excuses I can find to use this thing.

I bought one from Sears a little over a year ago, and like Kevin have been amazed at the number of uses I find for it. It is especially great when we get home from fishing, just pressure wash the fiberglass boat and stick it back in the boat house. I even pressure wash the dog, but that's another story.........

Ken Garlock
05-26-2003, 2:27 PM

Man, I would like to see that. Does the dog have any hair left, or for that matter, any skin? I'm sure you used a low setting....

Tony Falotico
05-26-2003, 3:04 PM
Originally posted by Ken Garlock

Man, I would like to see that. Does the dog have any hair left, or for that matter, any skin? I'm sure you used a low setting....

OK, I started it so I'll finish. First of all, the dog is retarded (well at least she acts that way!) She loves water, when I try to water the plants, or do anything with a hose, she jumps back and forth in the water stream trying to catch it with her teeth. She's a pain in the $%* when I'm trying to do something.

I was pressure washing the grill, and here she comes! It was on high, she bounced in front of it, hit the stream and it flipped her back-wards. Up she comes right at again. It hit's so hard (about 7-10 feet away) it knocks her down. Up she comes right at again. Now I have to lock her in the house any time I pull the washer out.

My daughter's in-laws were visiting, He's a veterinarian, and I was telling him about the dog, water and how she acts. When I said she was retarded, he said that was normal behavior for a small dog. We went outside, I turned on the hose and let her do her thing. After a few minutes, Doc just shook his head and said "retarded"!

I'm afraid to pull the spray gun out!

Ken Garlock
05-26-2003, 8:30 PM
Tony, you need to make a video of that and send it in to funniest home video people. That is funny:)

Doug Littlejohn
06-03-2003, 6:00 PM
I just picked up the Karcher 2400 w/ Honda 5hp. It has the interchangable tips. Works like a charm. As the others have said, put on the zero degree tip and it cuts through wood. I used the 35 degree pattern and it worked great on the deck and the outside furniture.

I here I have to touch up the paint on some of the furniture 'cause the daughter sprayed furniture right up and close and 'surprise', it peeled the paint !!!.

Looks like it'll do a great job on the outdoor equipment as well/