View Full Version : More Win8 nonsense

Kev Williams
07-23-2014, 11:07 PM
So, who at MS decided that Photo Gallery won't work with photos on removable drives?

On good 'ol XP, you open a picture in Gallery, from ANY source, and fix it how you want--

On Win8, I'm trying to open a couple of pictures from my camera stick. And I need to edit them. But when I click on the 'edit, organize or share' tab, a dialog box opens, tells me it's found X-number of pictures, and gives me a choice of either:

1-reviewing and choosing what to import, or
2-import everything now

But no option to NOT import so I can just edit the pic and re-save it on the stick! WHY??? :mad:

I take probably 20 pics a day that I crop, edit and email, right from the camera. And I like them to STAY on the camera, for various reasons. I DON'T want to have to import from the camera to fix them, only to have to export them back again.

I'm so tired of trying to make this cell-phone app work as a "computer" I could upchuck...