View Full Version : New Reci Z6 130 Watt

Rich Harman
07-21-2014, 3:47 AM
I just finished swapping out my old (but still working just fine) 80 Watt W2 for a 130 Watt Z6. New power supply too. I would have gotten the Z8 but it is too long to fit in my machine.

Preliminary test cuts reveal that I can cut twice as fast as before while running the laser at 25mA, well below the recommended max current for long life which is 28mA, absolute max is 32mA.

For some reason I can cut MDF more than twice as fast as before, not even sure how fast because I quit at double. Because of the mass of the gantry I cannot let it go too fast or else I will get squiggles so I am now cutting 1/8" MDF at 35% power and only 30mm/sec.

For reference here are some power/speed settings - all test cuts were done at the bottom right corner of the table, longest beam path, using a 65mm lens focused at the surface of the material.

1/8 acrylic 30mm/sec 55%
1/4 acrylic 15mm/sec 80%
3/8 acrylic 8mm/sec 80%
1/8 MDF 30mm/sec 35%

It was ordered directly from Reci and was delivered by DHL in a plywood crate. I was thinking of Greg's ordeal the whole time but for me, it worked out well.