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Ray Bersch
07-02-2005, 5:32 AM
That's what we call our home in Maine - its a long story.

When I left this place after Memorial Day it was raining - it had rained the entire week before Memorial Day. When I got here Thursday night it was raining, and it rained all day yesterday and now is is drizziling and foggy - what happened to the weather in Maine??

The weather service promises good weather starting today - I'll beleive it when I see it - I did get the boat in last night, but who wants to fish in the rain? I'll wait 'till it clears - then I am going after that eight pound bass.

This shingles virus still has a grip on me so I can only be active for a few hours and then I have to rest - I got this thing while I was here over Memorial Day - maybe I'll get rid of it while I am here over the July 4th holiday.

Pictures of the bass will follow as soon as I can catch the thing.

Earl Reid
07-02-2005, 8:02 AM
Hi, Ray, I wish we coud get some of your rain. It's been over a month since the last rain.
Earl :(

Jim Becker
07-02-2005, 10:21 AM
Well, it has to rain somewhere... ;)

Enjoy your time "up north"! Relax, refresh and don't forget to chase your better half around a bit... :D

Jerry Olexa
07-02-2005, 5:26 PM
Send some of that rain to the Midwest. We need it bad!! Hope your shingles will ease up and let you enjoy the fishing...Send pics of the big bass