View Full Version : Holograms with a laser?

Chuck Stone
06-30-2014, 9:40 PM
Great .. now I need a YAG


Keith Colson
07-01-2014, 1:44 AM
If you just want that colour changing appearance then it might be worth a trying an idea I just thought of. Get some holographic paper or even a CD for that matter. Paint it with some black paint.Laser off the paint so the sparkly stuff shows through. I wonder if that's worth a try?


Chuck Stone
07-01-2014, 8:08 PM
I'm sure that could work once you got the settings down, but it's not the same.
I can do metallic with the laser printer and toner foil.. I'm sure there's a way to
transfer that, too. But .. not the same.

speaking of metallic.. I picked up two printers for $5 at a yard sale this weekend. Got them
both running (finding drivers for products the manufacturers would rather forget is a challenge)
A Millenium 575x (aka Fargo 4250) is an ID card printer.. uses both resin ink ribbons and dye sub
ribbons. With an attachment, it can write on magnetic strips. Found the driver for the Fargo and
it's running well, even with a 20 yr old ink ribbon.

Finally got the Alps MD-2300 up and running and it looks really nice. That's also resin ribbon and
dye sub, but I don't have the dye sub cartridges yet. Modelers like the Alps for decals because
it can print white ink as well as silver, gold, cyan and magenta metallic inks. I had a MD-1000 but
never really needed it till two weeks after I sold it. I really don't need these, either.. but how do
you pass up a find like that?