View Full Version : Nice sunny afternoon, time to make a workbench

steven c newman
06-23-2014, 11:00 PM
In an afternoon? Sure, Norm did it ina half hour, right.

Had a plank from a waterbed, one of the side boards. 2x10 pine, but better than the Borg junk. Found it in a dumpster, no less. Actually, I found two sides. Also scrounged up a door stile. A couple junky 2x4s, neither very long. Even found a couple 1x6s. Sent the "Better Half off to Wallmart to BUY a box of 2" screws ( $7? :eek:) laid out some toys, er...tools. A circular saw, a few clamps, and the Brand New Saw Bench. Ripped one 2x10 plank into four legs. These were a full 4" wide, by 1-1/2" thick/ Had to make a notch near the bottom of the legs, to except a stretcher291883While I could use the saw bench for some things, some other items needed to be up where I could work on them. A 6' step ladder was brought back out, and a plank clamped in place291884Notched the ends to take the legs. Three screws per leg. Stood it up on it's own four legs291885yeah, kind of skinny:rolleyes:, but we work on that. Scrounged a strip of plywood for the bottom of the tool well. Worked over the scrap 2x4s to make two ends, and a back rail. The 5/4 door stile/rail ( whatever that board that holds the hinges is called) was cut to make a front rail. Screws everywhere291886as for them feet. The scrap 1x6s were screwed into the legs. Leftovers from the front rail was cut into four pads. Screws down through the 1x6 to attach. Tool well in place by using a narrow strip of 1x as a cleat from under neath. Makes a nice thick clamp area. Basically, bench was done? Well, had to run one of these around291887To level the top. Checked with a framing square. Start time was about 11 am. Moved it downstairs to the Dungeon Shop at 6 pm. Hour downtime waiting on that "Golden" box of screws.... 291888 Flat as can be. Cost? Other than them screws,.....NADA but time. But, it was a nice sunny Sunday afternoon. And a lot of fun. It is sized to fit into the small shop I have. Have since added a Crochet on the left end, and a pipeclamp powered leg vise on the right end. Built this last fall, and it has been in use ever since.

steven c newman
06-23-2014, 11:03 PM
Yep, and Welcome to the Dungeon Shop291889Maybe some day, I'll write a post about that tool chest sitting there,291890This IS all I have for a shop. Cozy....

steven c newman
06-25-2014, 11:33 AM
One can make any top they want for this. I just happened to have the wood on hand. I do not have to worry about any stray chisel or plane marks on the top, either. This is a WORK bench, not a piece of Fine Furniture. One coat of stain is all I slapped on it. Just to seal the lumber a bit. Chop for the home-made leg vise is a 2x6 slab of Sycamore, and it was split off a 4x6 beam from an old barn. Crochet is a chunk of white oak, and it came from a rafter from that same old barn.

Just a work bench to fit a SMALL shop...