View Full Version : JDS cigarette lighters 'n Cermark?

Bill Stearns
06-12-2014, 7:31 PM
Hi All -
Earlier on the "Cermark Blowing Off" thread, I mentioned I was having trouble metal-marking those JDS polished chrome cigarette lighters. (#LL10, page 567). A light coating, 9 or 10 speed / 100 power - the Cermark washed right off! I have marked "chrome" items before okay with mixed results. Problem surprised me 'cause their catalog says these are laserable using Cermark.) Anyway, I called JDS - their Fabrication department seemed to indicate they've had problems with these lighters. Said that even Cermark tape was known to leave a splotchy image. (Even if I could afford the tape, it requires 'least a 40 machine; mine is 35W.) JDS said they'll be discussing this at one of their meetings. I feel bad 'cause these were supposed to be Father's Day gifts - had to my customers down ...


Mark Sipes
06-18-2014, 12:14 PM
I rotary most Lighters even Zippos. . But when I find that the Cermark is not adhering to items that it should. I hit the item twice at 100P 15S (25W) and make sure I clean the item with Denatured Alcohol. Some items have a thin coating of laquer on them that must be burnt off so the Cermark with stick. The reason for the second pass.