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Charity Newland
05-24-2014, 9:55 AM
I have a customer who is looking to have this made into acrylic not sure if it's something I could even do or better to sub out? Where would I start? It's about 1.5" x.5" so its pretty small.

Scott Shepherd
05-24-2014, 10:38 AM
You could do that fairly easily. Just cut it and bend it. The tricky part might be the pin. If it's a standard size, just order the acrylic rod in that size, glue it in place and be done. You can do it! Give it a try, it nothing else, you'll learn a lot along the way.

Charity Newland
05-24-2014, 11:41 AM
I'm going to give it a try got is scanned and going to try a trace it and go from there. thanks for the encouragement!

Clark Pace
05-24-2014, 11:56 AM
I'm an acrylic fabricator by trade so if you have any questions please ask. Are you planning on bending the piece or glueing?

Doug Griffith
05-24-2014, 12:28 PM
Bent or glued, I'd drop the dowel into a hole when bonding. For alignment and strength.

Charity Newland
05-24-2014, 8:35 PM
Clark, I was thinking about bending. Still working on the tracing part. Hate to admit it but I'm pretty clueless about this so I'm sure you will be hearing from soon..lol
Doug, that makes great sense, didn't think about that.
Thanks for all the help:)

Dave Sheldrake
05-24-2014, 9:34 PM
Making it isn't a problem, will it be fit for purpose is entirely different sometimes.



Charity Newland
05-24-2014, 10:07 PM
It was a plastic to begin with but they cant get the part anymore so they had these metal ones made. It connects the underside of the button to the "switch" but they are not real happy with them.

Dave Sheldrake
05-24-2014, 10:26 PM
Will depend on what the original plastic was Charity, some are quite flexible, some like cast acrylic aren't so much. Make sure you remember the bend allowances when going from your 2d to the 3d item .