View Full Version : pricing CNC sign work

Michael Arruda
05-08-2014, 2:46 PM
Hello all,

I've done a couple signs for customers, but have mostly used my CNC for pistol grips, etc. I have a job I'm working on now and I donít know how to price it. It's a 16x19" sign in 3/4 baltic birch, edge banded, with a clock face and movement integrated in, with a french cleat to wall mount, giving it a floating look. Sign face is v carved with a custom design I did in Corel with a motorcycle clipart and text. All carving has a black infill and the sign is to be finished out in lacquer.

I have a hour into the design, an hour into set up and run, and an hour into finishing. Materials are $15, consumables $5, shop overhead not including labor is $10/hr, so my cost to produce is around $50. I figure labor at $30/ hr for 2 hours, plus CNC time at $40/hr for 1 hr gives a basic cost at $150. Add a pad and profit and I'm at around $200. Is this out of line? What would you all be at for something like this? No photos right now as I'm having problems posting photos from my phone.


Joe Pelonio
05-08-2014, 7:41 PM
My price for sandblasted wood signs is $100/sf. which is middle of the range for here. That would put this one at about $200. The difference is what your CNC cost/maintenance vs a compressor and sand pot/gun. I would expect your CNC to have cost more, so that seems a good price for your customer, you could probably be higher but it's really up to you. If this is a first, get pictures to show others and hopefully get more of these jobs.